We empower people living in our services to develop new skills, build on existing ones, and undertake training that can help them move on to independent living.

People at our services may face barriers to formal learning or paid work. For example, homelessness can negatively impact mental wellbeing, physical health and educational attainment, as well as break links to friends, family and the wider community.

We are ambitious when it comes to finding new opportunities for people with experience of homelessness because we know that everyone has talents that they can bring to the surface. That’s where our Work + Learning programme comes in.

The programme enables people to explore different interests and develop new skills. It helps them to access education, training and employment, and to manage their own lives. As a result it can also increase people’s confidence and motivation, improve their health and wellbeing and enhance independent living skills.

Work + Learning support is available to everyone across our services, and can take a number of different forms. Staff and volunteers work closely with service-users and partner organisations to design and co-deliver training, workshops, and courses that meet people’s learning styles and support needs.

We also deliver Business in the Community’s Ready for Work programme, which provides direct employment opportunities for customers with over 130 businesses. There is a range of formal and informal opportunities, some of which are accredited.

For more information on the range of opportunities available, or for any further information about our Work + Learning programme, please email jon.deakin@evolvehousing.org.uk.

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