Olive House

Located in Stockwell, this service provides accommodation and support to young unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Olive House is a seven-bed service. People staying there have their own room, and access to twenty-four hour support from on-site staff. The service is situated on our main site in Lambeth, alongside King Georges House and Georgian Houses.

Young people staying at Olive House have either been granted leave to remain in the UK, or are still awaiting a decision on their asylum application.

Those who have not yet received a decision have no recourse to public funds and are supported by social services in coordination with our team. Those who have been granted settled status are entitled to universal credit and housing benefit; we work with them to set these up where necessary, as well as find education, training and employment opportunities.

Whatever each customer’s status, our Health + Wellbeing team offer mental and physical health support for them. Each person also has a dedicated support worker who is available to help with anything that they need.

When young people are granted leave to remain and decide that they are ready to move on, we work with them to find other suitable accommodation outside of Evolve.

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