Ingram Court

Based in Croydon, this service supports 44 single homeless young people with a range of support needs.

In the last year*...


of customers established contact with friends and family


of customers participated in education or training activities


of customers moved on positively from Ingram Court

Ingram Court consists of an assessment centre and a main supported housing service. Customers are referred to the assessment centre by Croydon Council and the Turnaround Centre and stay for up to 12 weeks whilst their needs are assessed and the best way forward is identified. This might be moving to more suitable accommodation in the borough or moving into the main supported housing service at Ingram Court. We also undertake family mediation work to enable young people to return to their family home if possible.

Customers stay for up to two years in the main building. When customers move in we empower them to make decisions about their support, including choosing their Support Worker and times of 1:1 sessions. Our person centred approach enables customers to identify their existing strengths and skills so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. We also believe customers can move beyond their current support needs and achieve their full potential by developing new skills and accessing opportunities.

Whilst at Ingram Court, customers engage in developing life and independent living skills (including developing routine and structure, fostering positive relationships, cooking, and budgeting) and healthy activities such as yoga and playing sports.

Support into education, training or employment is tailored to individual needs, circumstances and goals on various levels. This includes initial advice, signposting to adult learning courses and support to access volunteering roles. Employment opportunities are also promoted through the Customer Employment Partnership. Customers are also supported to look at any underlying barriers to this, such as physical or mental health needs or offending histories. This work is complemented by joint working with specialist agencies including St Giles Trust, Airsport, and Business and Education London South (BELS).

Once customers are ready to move on we support them to return to their family home if suitable, or look for lower support accommodation, or independent accommodation (usually shared housing in the private rented sector).

Ingram Court is a newly built high specification building which opened in 2012. Accommodation in the main supported housing building consists of shared flats. There is a communal area and a computer room available to all customers.

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*of those who left the service and needed support in this area.

It's only been good since I moved to Ingram Court. Since I've been living there I feel more independent, staff there have helped me value my time and manage my finances. There's been a big difference since living there. Ingram felt like my home and that the staff were my family. If I needed any advice my support worker was always there for me and made me feel welcome.

Megan, a customer from Ingram Court

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