Our Merton services are dispersed units across multiple sites, accommodating over 90 young people including people leaving care.


When customers move in we empower them to make decisions about their support, including choosing their key worker and the times of 1:1 sessions. Our person centred approach enables customers to identify their existing strengths and skills so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. We also believe customers can move beyond their current support needs and achieve their full potential by developing new skills and accessing opportunities.

Whilst living in our accommodation, customers engage in developing life and independent living skills including developing routine and structure, fostering positive relationships, and cooking.

We provide support into education; training or employment is tailored to individual needs, circumstances and goals on various levels. This includes initial advice, signposting to adult learning courses and support to access volunteering roles. Employment opportunities are also promoted through the Customer Employment Partnership. Customers also have access to the accredited training and employment advice from our training centre and our Work + Learning team. We also offer our customers free counselling services through our Health + Wellbeing programme.

We encourage our customers to engage with external agencies and resources so that they can become part of their local community again.

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