Homeless Teenage Parents’ Service

Based in Stockwell, this service supports 7 teenage parents/families aged 16 to 25 before and after pregnancy.

In the last year*...


of customers felt they had choice, control and involvement in their support


of customers maximised their income


of customers secured settled accommodation

At Evolve we recognise the importance of creating a foundation for parents and their children, ensuring that they are provided with proper support. TPS supports teenage parents for up to 24 months, helping them to maintain their health during pregnancy, prepare for birth and develop childcare and positive parenting skills.

Customers are referred to TPS by Lambeth Council.

Our work at TPS is complemented by the joint working with a number of specialist organisations and social services. We work with a Family Partnership Nurse to support young customers (19 and under) supporting them from pregnancy until their child is two. We run a peer mentoring programme that provides training about safe sleep for babies in partnership with the Lullaby Trust. Finally, we support customers in identifying employment and education opportunities in partnership with the St Giles Fellowship Trust.

TPS customers are advised on how to establish secure accommodation and are referred to the Lambeth Private Rented Access and Support Scheme (PRASS) which helps customers find a property. Each customer is provided with a move-on booklet which they complete in their own time and are recommended to bid on the Lambeth Housing Register.

The service has seven self-contained flats, each with its own bathroom, kitchen and living area.

*of those who left the service and needed support in this area.

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