Palmer House

Based in Croydon, this service supports 60 single people up to 65 years of age with a range of complex needs including experience of homelessness or rough sleeping, substance misuse and/or mental ill health.

In the last year*...


of customers maximised their income


of customers established contact with family and friends


of customers managed their physical health better

Customers are referred to Palmer House by the London Borough of Croydon and stay up to two years. When customers move in we empower them to make decisions about their support, including choosing their Support Worker and times of 1:1 sessions. Our person centred approach enables customers to identify their existing strengths and skills so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. We also believe customers can move beyond their current support needs and achieve their full potential by developing new skills and accessing opportunities.

Whilst at Palmer House, customers engage in developing life and independent living skills including developing routine and structure, fostering positive relationships, healthy eating and cooking. Therapeutic activities such as art workshops and mindfulness sessions are available to overcome previous traumas, and a customer led Women’s Group also enables discussion of sensitive topics in a safe forum with peer support. Our Rent and Income Advisors provide finance related support on paying rent, budgeting for day-to-day living, saving, and maximising income.

Our work at Palmer House is complemented by joint working with local health services and specialist agencies. An Alcohol Nurse from Turning Point is based on site four days a week. This provides extra support for customers with substance misuse issues and offers a medical contact point before A and E.

Support into education, training or employment is tailored to individual needs, circumstances and goals on various levels. This includes initial advice and volunteering, to signposting to adult learning courses and employment opportunities through the Customer Employment Partnership. Customers are also supported to look at any underlying barriers to this, such as physical or mental health needs which are often a result of rough sleeping. This work is supported by weekly drop in sessions run by Job Centre Plus. Once customers are ready to move on we support them to develop tenancy sustainment skills and look for more independent accommodation.

Palmer House is a newly built high specification building which opened in 2011. Accommodation is mainly shared flats, with some studios. There is a secure women only floor and some flats are for people who are abstinent. There is also a communal area with kitchen facilities and a garden available to all customers.

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I’ve met a lot of different people and challenged myself with things I haven’t done before. Volunteering has reminded me of the skills I have; which can also be developed and help me move forward.

Patricia, a customer of Palmer House and volunteering with Evolve

*of those who left the service and needed support in this area.


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