Bromley Services

Charles Darwin House and Lewis King House, based in Bromley, support 51 people up to the age of 65 with a range of support needs, some of which are complex.

In the last year*...


of customers moved on positively from Bromley Services


of customers secured settled accommodation


of customers maximised their income

Customers are referred by the London Borough of Bromley’s Housing Allocations Team and stay up to two years. When customers move in we empower, them to make decisions about their support, including choosing their Support Worker and times of 1:1 sessions. Our person centred approach enables customers to identify their existing strengths and skills so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. We also believe customers can move beyond their current support needs and achieve their full potential by developing new skills and accessing opportunities.

Whilst at Bromley, customers engage in developing life and independent living skills including building self esteem, fostering positive relationships, cooking, budgeting and maximising income. Support into education, training or employment is tailored to individual needs, circumstances and goals on various levels. This includes initial advice and volunteering, to signposting to adult learning courses and work experience and employment opportunities through Community Links Bromley and our Customer Employment Partnership respectively. Customers are also supported to look at any underlying barriers to this, such as physical or mental health needs.

Our work is complemented by joint working with local health services and specialist agencies including Oxleas NHS Trust, Crime Reduction Initiatives, and Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service.

Once customers are ready to move on, our Resettlement Workers support them to develop tenancy sustainment skills and to look for independent accommodation (usually shared housing in the private rented sector).

Allum House and Lewis King House consist of shared accommodation with communal facilities including a shared kitchen, lounge and garden area. Charles Darwin House consists of self contained flats.

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Before, I felt like I was in a downward spiral but now I feel more confident and happy, like I've been given the tools to make decisions for myself. When you have the tools you have a good chance of improving your life. I've got a lot of backing from the staff to move on positively. I know that I'm going upwards.

Kevin, a customer of our Bromley Services

*of those who left the service and needed support in this area.

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