Every year, we provide housing and support to over 1,000 people impacted by homelessness in London.

Homelessness in London can take many forms, and the causes are different for everyone. We deliver personal support built around each person’s unique strengths, aspirations and goals. By doing so, we help them move away from homelessness and into independence, for good.


We are

Honest We treat homeless, vulnerable people and colleagues fairly, with respect and with an unconditional positive regard.

Inclusive We enable our customers to play a key role in defining and designing the work we do. We develop our managers not to just manage, but to lead their teams.

Optimistic We don’t pass judgement on customer or colleague potential simply based on where they are in their lives at this point in time.

Determined We ensure that customers and colleagues have a solid skills foundation to build their future development on.

Creative We provide a pathway of opportunity to support customers and colleagues to achieve their full potential, whatever that may be.

Passionate We believe that every customer and colleague has the potential to make significant contributions to the organisation, sector, and community; be that through paid employment or volunteering their time.

Our people

Carmen WhiteChief executiveCarmen White joined Evolve in October 2023.
Paul PerkinChair
Abby RaymondAbby Raymond img
Ana Gonzalez-Iglesias
Colin Maclean
Diana ComanBoard member
Evonne Coleman-ThomasBoard Member
Bianca Miller-Cole
Paterson Joseph
Paul InfieldVice Chair
Rebecca MonkRebecca Monk img.
Vipan MainiVipan Maini
Simon McGrathBoard member
Jenny StrudwickDirector of Corporate Services
Pamela NewmanDirector of Operations
Elspeth HaydeDirector of People and Culture

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