April 2020

Thank you.

Thinking about the past few days, weeks and months and having to deal with many changes to the way we are all living at the moment may have not been easy for many of us yet still the staff at Palmer House have continued to come in to work and support all of us who live here. We don’t know what life is like for them when they leave here and go back to their homes, but what we do know is the help and support they provide for us has made our lives a lot more easier in these hard times.

My partner, while walking Tricksie the other night clapped, cheered and whistled with many people, some from the balconies of their homes, flat windows, car windows, he was only too happy to join in but still felt that the key workers deserved that a lot more for the work they are putting in to help support us and many others like us.

There are 3 hostels close by in this vicinity and we would just like to thank you all and let you know that all your hard work and support is very much appreciated and we would also like to thank all the staffs families for looking after their homes and loved ones while they are looking after us.

Thank you again for all your support and help as our lives would be a lot harder and for some lonely without you.

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