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Real stories, shared by customers who have stayed at our services. Learn more about why people come to Evolve, and how we work with them.


When Ajani arrived at Evolve at the end of 2021, Covid-19 was still a big part of everyday life. “It was strange coming to a new environment, integrating with a new crowd and getting used to new surroundings at that time. I met all the staff quite quickly, in just one or two weeks, but […]

Image of an office. Ajani is looking become a chartered accountant in the next five years.


“I wanted to build a machine that would take me into a different world, a different life. That’s the good thing about acting – you can have a million lives.” After arriving at Evolve, it didn’t take E. very long to start building the new life she had been thinking about. Something very different from […]


Manny, Handyman

How lockdown led to a music studio for young people experiencing homelessness At the end of 2019, Manwell started working as a handyman at Evolve’s homelessness service for young people. Being a former singer, the first thing that caught Manwell’s attention, or Manny as he’s more fondly known to residents, was the interest young residents […]

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