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Real stories, shared by customers who have stayed at our services. Learn more about why people come to Evolve, and how we work with them.


“I didn’t expect all of this. I didn’t expect that I would make it somewhere safe. It makes such a difference. It’s not easy being outside with my condition.” Daniel came to Alexandra House in the middle of 2022, months after being forced to leave his previous house in Croydon. “I couldn’t stay in that […]

Daniel slept in a tent in a park in Croydon for several months before being referred to Evolve.


When Ajani arrived at Evolve at the end of 2021, Covid-19 was still a big part of everyday life. “It was strange coming to a new environment, integrating with a new crowd and getting used to new surroundings at that time. I met all the staff quite quickly, in just one or two weeks, but […]

Image of an office. Ajani is looking become a chartered accountant in the next five years.

Jenna, Health + Wellbeing Manager

I’ve been working at Evolve for four years nurturing the mental health of our homeless residents. For the first year and a half I worked on the Peer Circles project, after that I moved to managing their counselling service for two years before moving into my current role as the Health + Wellbeing manager. I’m […]

Joe Talbot, 22

“I’ve been a victim of abuse my entire life and lockdown led me to leaving.” In 2020, Joe’s home life worsened. Having endured years of abuse at the hands of their mother, things only worsened when the pandemic meant Joe couldn’t escape their abuser. “The pandemic meant both me and my mum were home all […]


Through receiving highly creative and tailored support at Evolve, Sharon shares her story of how things have improved since coming off the streets: ‘Before I came to Alexandra House, I was very low, I lost a lot of weight and I knew that I could not carry on with the life that I was leading. Now […]

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