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Real stories, shared by customers who have stayed at our services. learn more about why people come to Evolve, and how we work with them.


It was a beautiful sunny day when we sat down with Mylène (right) for coffee in the garden of her South Norwood flat. “I said to the council, all I need from a flat is to be less than two-stories up and some fresh air. This is perfect!” She moved there in December 2021, after […]

Mylene's story with Evolve

Mia Hayden, 24

“There was pressure to stay where I was, but where I was wasn’t safe. My family felt I had chosen to be homeless, which heightened my depression and anxiety. I felt like I was doing something wrong by trying to protect myself.” When her family moved abroad, Mia* initially went with them, before challenging circumstances […]

Mia found herself homeless after leaving her family home and facing abuse from her partner.

Mark, 24

For most people, home is a place that’s safe, stable, and secure. But what happens when those things aren’t assured? Growing up Mark never felt the safety most children typically get. He experienced trauma and abuse at home, but only left when he was asked to move out a few years ago. “I was asked […]

Wayne, 50

I served a life sentence then slept rough in a park for nine months When Wayne smiles it’s like clouds parting. Prison and then homelessness have swallowed a third of his life but he’s come out the other side. At 50, he’s putting it all behind him. He’s calm now, happy even. It all started […]

Donna, 50

Donna’s eager to get her laptop working, she’s been doing e-learning courses to retrain as a sign language therapist. “I just need to get these brain cells working,” she says. Sitting in an office in her supported housing in Croydon, it’s clear she’s brimming with determination to get back to work. Things started to go […]


Through receiving highly creative and tailored support at Evolve, Sharon shares her story of how things have improved since coming off the streets: ‘Before I came to Alexandra House, I was very low, I lost a lot of weight and I knew that I could not carry on with the life that I was leading. Now […]

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