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In a world filled with challenges, art possesses a remarkable ability to break through barriers, stir emotions, and inspire change. It is one of the reasons why we run art workshops, and also why Malik Segawa, a talented artist with a fascinating story, uses his art to tackle important social issues. Through his sketches, Malik is raising awareness about topics that matter deeply to him – mental health, homelessness, and climate change – while providing a source of comfort and empowerment to others.

Malik, who is staying at Eva House, started his artistic journey at a young age, when he found comfort in sketching. However, it wasn’t until recent years that he started using his passion for art as a means of communication and raising awareness.

“I’ve been sketching since I was young, purely out of love for it. I don’t see myself as a professional artist, but I’m constantly learning and improving. However, in the past two years, I went through some challenging times, and it was a wake-up call for me to use my art to spread messages about important issues that can be prevented.

Being homeless put me in a deep state of powerlessness and depression. Art became a way for me to express myself when I couldn’t find the words. I want to address various issues through my art, including mental health, climate change, and problems in society.”

Malik’s art is all about drawing from his life experiences and tackling real-world issues head-on. He combines thought-provoking sketches with impactful quotes. His approach captures your attention and makes you think deeply, encouraging you to consider the messages behind each piece.

“My personal experiences, especially dealing with depression, made me realise the power of art to express emotions and issues that may resonate with others who’ve gone through similar struggles.

I want viewers to take away the message from my sketches, not just admire the visuals. It’s about inspiring self-improvement and personal growth. Sometimes I have quotes in mind, and I create images to match them. Other times, I research quotes that fit the theme of the artwork. The words serve as titles for my pieces to provide clarity and directness.”

Despite facing numerous challenges, Malik has not been alone in his artistic journey. He has received support and assistance from individuals and organisations that recognised the importance of his work. Professionals from various fields have lent their support, helping him with tasks such as logo design and providing networking opportunities.

“I’ve attended several events and met wonderful professionals from various industries, including graphic design and marketing. I even got help designing my logo at one event. This logo represents my brand and will be featured on my website, where I plan to showcase and sell my art in the future.

I work with different materials, primarily pens for now. However, I’m planning to experiment with various styles, including transitioning to more paintings starting next month. I’ll be using watercolours and mixing them with charcoal, creating a layered effect.

Right now, my focus is on raising awareness, and I express that through sketches. However, I plan to shift towards colourful paintings and explore different themes in the future. I’ll be looking for new ideas and themes, but my core goal is to continue raising awareness about homelessness.

I find inspiration when I’m alone, as noise and distractions can hinder my creativity. Music is also a source of inspiration for me. I do listen to music sometimes if it fits with what I’m creating. Inspiration often comes from attending events or talking to people going through similar experiences. Their stories inspire me to create art that addresses these important topics.”

Malik has big dreams for the future where his dedication to raising awareness around societal issues extends beyond his artwork.

“I plan to establish my foundation, the Malik Segawa Foundation, and use the proceeds from my art sales to support homeless charities and organisations addressing mental health issues. Through this, I hope to make a meaningful impact and change perceptions about homelessness and mental health in our society.”

As Malik continues his journey, he extends an invitation to individuals facing difficult circumstances to find their own creative path. He understands the power of expression and self-discovery and encourages others to use their talents as a means of healing and raising their voices.

“It’s fair to feel powerless when you’re going through tough times. I was in that position myself, just wanting to be left alone. But seeking help, like speaking to a psychologist, following routines, and taking medication, helped me regain control and improve my life. My advice is to reach out for support, small adjustments can make a big difference.”

Malik’s story is one of strength, creativity, and standing up for what matters. His art connects his own life with the issues we all face, leaving a lasting impact on those who see it. With each sketch and carefully chosen quote, he shows that art can shape how we see things, start conversations, and inspire real change.

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