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Every writer has a story behind their words, and Aliyyah is no different. Her journey into the world of writing began with a simple desire—to share her thoughts, ideas and stories with the world. Her passion for writing was always present, but it took some time to gather the courage to pursue it seriously.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I always had ideas for books, but it wasn’t until I decided to go for it that I realised I could actually become a writer. I wanted to enjoy what I do, and I really enjoy writing.”

Aliyyah moved into Evolve in mid-2020 and is living at the Fitze Millenium Centre. During her time with us she has not only achieved stability and security, but also seized the opportunity to write her first two books, with a third one currently in the works. For her, writing is more than a task; it’s a passion she cherishes.

“Having a dedicated space and time to write is helpful, but I don’t have a rigid process. Writing doesn’t feel like a chore to me; I can write anywhere, anytime, whether it’s on my phone or laptop. I find joy in it.”

Aliyyah’s writing draws from her own life experiences. Her stories often reflect the resilience and strength she witnessed while navigating tough circumstances.

“I find that if I close the door and focus on my own experiences, I can write more emotionally and passionately. Growing up in a large family in a tough neighbourhood gave me plenty of material to draw from. So, writing about my own life and experiences is where I feel I can shine.”

Aliyyah’s two published books reflect her diverse interests and desire to help others. They delve into practical subjects, offering guidance on saving money and women’s safety.

“They are about my experiences, from living on my own to dealing with financial challenges. I wanted to provide practical guidance, especially for young adults.

I’ve already started on my next book, and this time it’s fiction. I aim to keep pushing out more books. Seeing the first two in physical form, with my name on them, was a rewarding moment. It made me even more determined to continue writing.

When I started this book, I had a bit of an outline and some key scenes in mind. But the actual writing often takes its own direction. I’m keen to keep the readers engaged, so I incorporate elements like foreshadowing and character development as I go. My aim is to always strive to do better with each book and learn from my previous work.

I have various social media accounts, and I’m planning to start a blog to discuss books and related topics. In the future, I  intend to create a website for book promotion. I want to be efficient in promoting my work and reaching as many readers as possible.”

We are excited to follow Aliyyah’s journey as she continues to write, evolve, and inspire others with her storytelling. Her dedication and passion serve as an example of how pursuing one’s dreams can lead to a brighter future, regardless of the challenges faced along the way.

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