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Real stories, shared by customers who have stayed at our services. Learn more about why people come to Evolve, and how we work with them.


“If you have the strength, you can make big changes in your life. With enough support and enough desire, you can achieve what you want.” Sia moved to Burton White House in January this year. She arrived after a tumultuous twelve months in which she left her home in Ukraine, lived with a sponsor family, […]

Sia outside BWH


In 2016, my life took a different turn. I found myself homeless, but I was fortunate enough to be taken in by the council and eventually moved to Evolve. This experience opened my eyes to the challenges faced by homeless individuals and the importance of community support. Since then, I have actively sought assistance to […]

Alex House where Mark lives


A lot can change in the space of a year, and Jonathan understands this more than most. From a chance encounter in borrowed boxing gear to preparing for the Battersea marathon, his journey is nothing short of inspirational. Battling personal demons, discrimination, and homelessness, Jonathan discovered the healing power of both boxing and running. But […]

Jonathan boxing


Every writer has a story behind their words, and Aliyyah is no different. Her journey into the world of writing began with a simple desire—to share her thoughts, ideas and stories with the world. Her passion for writing was always present, but it took some time to gather the courage to pursue it seriously. “I’ve […]

Aliyyah sitting typing at a laptop


In a world filled with challenges, art possesses a remarkable ability to break through barriers, stir emotions, and inspire change. It is one of the reasons why we run art workshops, and also why Malik Segawa, a talented artist with a fascinating story, uses his art to tackle important social issues. Through his sketches, Malik […]

Malik at Emily House


“For lots of people it feels like the system is set up for you to fail. In a perfect world, someone with power will see this and realise that something needs to be done.” We spoke to Ellie shortly after she had moved from Evolve into her own independent accommodation In Peckham. However, just a […]

Ellie stayed with us for a month in one of our Lambeth services.


Anyone who has run a marathon knows just how difficult it is. The grueling training, managing your diet, avoiding injury, and then preparing carefully so you can give it everything on the big day. Now, imagine trying to do all of that, while becoming homeless at the same time. That is what happened to Sean, […]


“I didn’t expect all of this. I didn’t expect that I would make it somewhere safe. It makes such a difference. It’s not easy being outside with my condition.” Daniel came to Alexandra House in the middle of 2022, months after being forced to leave his previous house in Croydon. “I couldn’t stay in that […]

Daniel slept in a tent in a park in Croydon for several months before being referred to Evolve.


When Ajani arrived at Evolve at the end of 2021, Covid-19 was still a big part of everyday life. “It was strange coming to a new environment, integrating with a new crowd and getting used to new surroundings at that time. I met all the staff quite quickly, in just one or two weeks, but […]

Image of an office. Ajani is looking become a chartered accountant in the next five years.


“People have said before that they don’t expect me to be in supported accommodation because I can function well on my own and can get things done. That just shows the misconceptions they have about it. They think it is people’s own fault if they are homeless, but that isn’t true. There is still a […]

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