Andrew worked in security for 17 years before his relationship with his partner broke down and he became homeless. With no no family to support him, he struggles with anxiety, panic attacks and short-term memory loss.

He slept rough on the streets of Croydon, finding safety and warmth in car parks and walking around the town centre until he was ‘dead on his feet’. He experienced physical and mental abuse from the public, being attacked, abused and even urinated on.

Homelessness made Andrew depressed, feeling like he had no option but to walk in front of a car to try and kill himself.

He was found on the streets in a desperate condition and taken to St. Georges hospital, who referred him to Evolve.

Giving Andrew a place to live has taken him off the streets, and we have been able to support him through his depression and alcohol addiction, and given him financial management advice & options to find work.

Andrew has benefited from being in our services by having caring and knowledgeable staff that he can to talk to about any issues. He attends our breakfast clubs, and alcohol support sessions which have helped him stay sober, and he also attends all of our customer meetings. From these sessions, Andrew can practice positive thinking and cope better with his mental health and memory loss.

Today Andrew is volunteering with Crisis on a 6-week painting & decorating course in partnership with Evolve, where he is learning new skills to help him get back into work. His goal is to move-on, find employment and gain back his independence.

“I would be dead without Evolve”

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