We work with schools to increase young people’s understanding of homelessness and raise funds to support our projects across London.


Homelessness has many causes. It looks different for everybody, and can trap people in cycles from which it is hard to escape. Everyone’s experience of it is unique, as is their journey out of it.

Part of our charitable objective is to increase public understanding of this issue, in order to reduce stigma and encourage more people to act. Working with schools is a key part of this because it allows us to reach younger people and shape attitudes for the longer term.

If you want to explore this topic with pupils we can assist in a number of ways, including providing lesson plans or guest speakers to talk about homelessness in an age-appropriate way.

Fundraising with schools

As well as educating, we also partner with schools to raise money for our work.

Fundraising events are a fantastic way to raise your pupils’ awareness of homelessness, and the donations generated make a huge difference to us and the people we support.

There are lots of ways that your school can fundraise for us, including running your own Sleep Out event. This involves pupils ‘sleeping out’ overnight, which is great fun and gives them the chance to contribute directly to the fight against homelessness (find out more here).

We can also work with you to create more bespoke fundraising activities that inspire pupils, and empower them to become fundraisers in their communities at any age.

We are very happy to work with each school in a tailored way to ensure that you are fully supported to reach whatever goals you have. If you would like to discuss ways in which we could work together, please email Naomi.langan@evolvehousing.org.uk.

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