Partnerships are key to the successful delivery of our work. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with others, and to do so in ways which benefit both our partners and the people who stay with us.

We work with companies on an individual basis, building partnerships that meet the aims of all involved while improving the delivery of our services and the lives of people we support.

Our approach is flexible, and invovles working closely together to curate relationships that are impactful for everyone. Below are just a few examples of the form that such partnerships can take.

Charity of the Year: Selecting us as your charity of the year can establish a long-term partnership that improves the lives of our customers, increases awareness of homelessness withint your organisation and fulfils your CSR objectives.

Volunteering: We offer volunteering opportunities that enable your team to deploy their skills in a new context to support our work. Volunteering directly supports our work, but also gives your staff new experiences, perspectives, and the chance to learn new skills.

Employee fundraising: Together we can create inspiring and engaging fundraising activities (including challenge events)that help strengthen employee morale, brings teams together and supports our customers into happy, independent living.

If you have specific thoughts about how you may like to work with us, either related to these options or otherwise, we would love to hear from you. We have worked with partners such as EY, Como, Mace, Nando’s and KPMG, and are always open to developing new relationships.

If you would like to discuss a partnership with us, please do contact jack.ithell@evolvehousing.org.uk or call us on 07769 255199.

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