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Throughout the month of March, Evolve will be raising money to help support people experiencing homelessness across London.

We want to highlight the startling fact that 1 in 52 people in London are homeless, by calling on people to complete an activity around the number 52. This could be running 5.2 miles, doing 52 press ups a day, leading a 52 minute class, writing 52 poems (whatever your thing may be!)

We are proud of our work that supports homeless people in London. Our dedicated programmes and projects result in 78% of our residents moving into positive independence, but we need your donations to continue this amazing work.


£5 This could provide food for a homeless person living in one of our hostels for one day

£20 This could ensure that 5 people receive a hearty meal

£50 This could pay for a homeless person to get a new set of clothes for an interview

£80 This could pay for one month of a breakfast club that provides food, warmth and positive engagement

£500 This could pay to kit-out a bedroom with a bed, mattress, furniture and bedding for a homeless person

£500 This could pay for basic furniture for a homeless person to set up a new home


Read real life stories from people who have experienced homelessness. Learn how they found their pathway back to independence with support from Evolve. Learn more

Tyrell Davis-Douglin, 20

Tyrell Davis-Douglin, 20

Growing up in Croydon, South Norwood, Tyrell faced challenges much earlier than most. He experienced regular racial profiling, received no support or guidance to help him choose a suitable career path, and the majority of his peers were engaged in anti-social behaviour. Tyrell’s future was uncertain[…]

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Manny, Handyman

Manny, Handyman

At the end of 2019, Manwell started working as a handyman at Evolve’s homelessness service for young people. Being a former singer, the first thing that caught Manwell’s attention, or Manny as he’s more fondly known to residents, was the interest young residents had in music[…]

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