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Hurt to Homeless

Break the cycle of trauma

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Hurt to Homeless

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In 2018, we found through our research that there was a strong link between trauma, mental health and homelessness. 80% of homeless people have suffered a traumatic event in their childhood. Counselling gets to the core of the issue, helping people to get off the streets and live independent lives. Thanks to our supporters we raised £110k for our counselling service so that we can continue to break this vicious cycle.

y do we need this service?
Homeless people struggle to access the NHS and its mental health support. Our programme is in-house, free and non-location specific – making it more accessible to homeless people.

What is our impact?
76% of homeless people who have accessed our service report better mental health and more able to cope with life.

The result?
78% of homeless people that come to Evolve move on into a fulfilled, independent life.

Watch our story and hear how counselling helps turn people’s lives around.

Debra Ives, Head of Operations at Evolve Housing + Support, says:

“Our research shows just how closely experiences of trauma, especially in childhood, are linked to a higher risk of poor mental health and homelessness later in life. We must remember that homelessness itself is traumatic and that problems get worse and more complex the longer people go without help.

Counselling is one of the best tools for dealing with trauma but it must be available quickly to have an impact. Our counselling is free, on site and available irrelevant of where the customer moves to.”

Our research

The report, ‘Breaking the Cycle of Trauma, suggests a strong link between trauma experienced in childhood and on the streets, mental health and the cycle of homelessness. The results highlight the vital need for counselling and the pivotal impact in has on helping homeless people overcome their traumatic experiences and being able to move on.

Evolve currently delivers counselling in seven London Boroughs, but funding for these services is coming to an end in September. We need to raise £110,000 to continue our counselling services and help more homeless people to rebuild their lives.

Watch Andrew’s story to learn about the importance of counselling from someone who hasuffered from trauma, mental health issues and homelessness.

Andrew’s story

“Having a roof over my head was not going to answer my problems. Without therapy you are not going to get better. Not going to break the cycle -I would still be where I was”

David’s story

“I became homeless because of some trauma. A bust up with family brought up a lot of childhood stuff for me…my mental health started to deteriorate.”

How can you help?

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Take on a challenge

Climb a mountain, run a marathon, abseil a building whilst raising money for the cause.

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Broaden your horizons and use your current skills to bring in valuable money for our conselling service

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Make us your corporate partner

Talk to your company about partnering up with Evolve. We always make sure that our corporate partnerships are fun as well as mutually beneficial

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