Whether you skydive, take part in a sponsored event, get your bake on or achieve something remarkable, such as completing a marathon, every penny raised will help to rebuild a homeless person’s life.


Or you could choose to run, cycle, walk, jump, skip, dance to help us change the lives of homeless people in London.


Skydive for Evolve!

Skydive for Evolve!

Take on the challenge of a lifetime whilst raising money to support homelessness.  Experience the thrill of jumping 10,000 feet from a plane.  You can skydive at any one of 20 different locations across the UK, on a date that suits you.

  • Tandem jump– the simplest and most popular skydive option, you’ll be securely strapped to your instructor as you jump from over 10,000 ft, reaching speeds of 120mph.
  • Static line jump– After a full day’s training, you will be able to jump by yourself from a height of around 3,000ft. Not for the faint-hearted!

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We cannot wait to get you involved in the movement to end chronic street homelessness in London.


Why sweat for Evolve?

Homelessness and rough sleeping in London are on the rise, and our work is needed more than ever. With your help, we can provide accommodation and support services to some of London’s most vulnerable people, enabling them to move on to independent living and achieve their full potential.


As a valued member of Team Evolve, we’ll ensure you receive:

  • Ongoing personal support and advice throughout the whole experience to help you make the most of your challenge event
  • A fundraising pack full of ideas and advice to help you raise sponsorship and have the biggest impact for homeless people in London
  • Training guides – from beginners to pros – we’ll support you through your training
  • Social media ‘shout outs’ + public applause + support for your amazing efforts
  • Updates on our work and stories throughout your training about some of the people you’ll be helping, to keep you inspired and motivated
  • The biggest ‘congratulations and thank you’ from Evolve service users, staff and volunteers to salute you for the amazing work you have done for homeless people of London


Check out these other challenge events. We would love you to take one on and support our work.


We can’t wait to welcome you to #TeamEvolve

Please email or call us at fundraising@evolvehousing.org.uk or 020 7101 9960

To volunteer to help at one of our hostels for homeless people in London, click here.

Whatever you are interested in doing in order to raise funds, we are happy to talk with you about your ideas and help you get started.


Contact fundraising@evolvehousing.org.uk or call 020 7101 9979 and together let’s help rebuild homeless people’s lives.


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