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Mrs A O’Donovan – Head of Year 7, Associate Assistant Head teacher and school Safeguarding Team –

Sam Beaumont has established herself as an excellent source of support and guidance with both students, staff and parents. She is very much a Key member of the BTG network. The students who work Sam have come to regard their meetings as a highlight of their week, as she is so competent and reassuring. Parents are very appreciative of her guidance and care.

Sam is highly professional at all times and is always approachable and supportive. It is to her credit that Sam continues to show care for the young people she has worked with long after they have ended their official ‘Horizon’ time with her, as well as young people continuing to keep in touch with her to show their progress.

During this period of lock down Sam has been an incredibly important source of support to the children she is working with as well as a font of guidance to the School. Sam has taken responsibility in ensuring that the wellbeing of her students is being addressed and communicates immediately any concerns working with the School in order to resolve these matters to the child’s benefit

Ms S Hopkins – Head of Year 7 –

Sam Beaumont has worked with 5 of my students in the past year, two of whom were from the previous academic year. The impact Sam has had on the student has been positive, one student who was highly disruptive in towards the middle and end of Y7 but by Christmas of Y8, the turnaround in this student was excellent. They had gone from being a high-profile student to a model pupil. I therefore discharged the pupil and the positive behaviour continued. My students look forward to their sessions with Sam and use the techniques in managing their behaviour within the classroom.

I particularly like the consistency of Sam’s work which the pupils and how quickly she builds and establishes relationships with our pupils and their parents. Since lockdown, the work Sam has done to support our pupils has been commended by families. One family member called me to say how much she appreciated the ongoing support from Sam. I really hope my students can continue to benefit from the service in the next academic year.

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