Customer survey


Customer survey

Homelessness continues to be a major issue in the UK and London. It remains hugely important that the best possible support is offered to people affected by homelessness. Every year we carry out a customer survey to ensure that we are providing the best possible service.

When supporting people impacted by homelessness it is important that we understand their needs. This allows us to provide the best possible support for our customers. When it comes to understanding customer needs, 85% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that we understood their needs. Additionally, 89% of customers said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the support provided by their support worker.

Whilst living with us, we encourage our customers to make changes in their lives that will have a positive impact. That could be linking them up with our health and wellbeing team for counselling sessions or referring them to our work and learning team, so that they can be supported into education, training or volunteering. Our survey results show that 84% of customers agreed or strongly agreed that our services support them to make positive changes in their life.

Another issue for people facing homelessness is a lack of safety, security, and a welcoming environment. These can affect people’s mental health and have a domino effect on their overall wellbeing. We aim to provide all these things for our customers, and it shows in the customer survey results. 88% of customers said that they felt fairly or very safe in our services. Similarly, 87% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that Evolve is an open and honest organisation.

Often a barrier to people receiving the support they need is feeling their religious and cultural needs aren’t listened to. This is a serious issue that can leave people on their own when they are facing homelessness. This is something that we endeavour to address to provide the most effective support that we can. 95% of customers were satisfied that we are sensitive to religious and cultural needs. We aim to support as many people as possible, no matter their background.

As always, there is room for improvement. 26% of customers said they would be interested in health and fitness related training and activities.  This shows us that there is always more that we can offer to our customers despite the overall high levels of satisfaction. In total 89% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the service that we provide. This is a number that we aim to make even higher this year by further improving customer experiences.

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