Adam – why I am fundraising for Evolve

Meet Adam, our newest fundraiser, who will be undertaking the Great South Run later this year. Having previously run the London Landmarks Half Marathon twice, for another charity, Adam is ready for a new challenge! He has a very personal reason for deciding to fundraise for Evolve, as ten years ago his father lived at our Palmer House service.

Based in Croydon, Palmer House supports sixty single people up to the age of 65. They have a range of complex needs including experience of homelessness or rough sleeping, substance misuse and/or mental ill health.

“During Christmas, while reflecting on family times, I remembered the care my dad received at Palmer House. I dropped off a box of chocolates to express my gratitude for their kindness, even though they may not remember me from ten years ago. This prompted me to visit the Evolve website and learn more about the work you do. I realised it would be meaningful to run for them in memory of my dad.

I didn’t know much about what you did when he was living there. Only what my dad had told me about the place and the activities they did. He had friends there, and they seemed to keep him busy. I’d call him too, but knowing he was there provided some comfort. Homelessness took a toll on him, and he had his ups and downs, but he seemed happier during his time there.

Unfortunately, his struggles with alcoholism and health issues caught up with him in the end. After his passing, I went to Palmer House and while the staff couldn’t say much, a kind lady who knew my dad shared some details with me. It was touching to see some of his friends from Palmer House at his funeral, bringing items he had with him. It showed that his friends remembered and supported him.”

The Great South Run, takes place in Portsmouth in October. Adam and his friend Joe, who has also chosen to fundraise for Evolve, will tackle the ten-mile course together.

“I’ve participated in three charity runs, and each time, it has given me such a sense of achievement. These big events are amazing. Unlike running alone on the streets, here you’re surrounded by crowds, and it’s all for a worthy cause. Raising money for charities like Evolve adds so much meaning. It’s not just about personal achievement; it’s about making a difference in people’s lives. So, why not participate and lend a helping hand if you can?

Especially when it’s a charity that holds personal significance, it adds an extra layer of connection and purpose. It drives you forward, especially during those challenging moments, like the last kilometre of a race. Knowing that you’re running for a cause larger than yourself gives you the motivation to push through. Even during training, having that target and goal gives your efforts more meaning and purpose.”

If Adam’s story has inspired you to take part in a challenge event and fundraise for charity, you can sign up here.

To support Adam’s fundraising campaign, you can visit his Just Giving page here.

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