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Our approach to supporting independence

Our approach to supporting independence begins with receiving referrals  from various sources, including single service providers and councils local to our services. Before individuals become customers, we conduct thorough assessments to determine if they meet specific criteria, such as mobility and support needs. These assessments are instrumental in matching individuals with the appropriate level of care, ensuring they receive tailored support tailored to their unique circumstances.

Initially, customers referred to us receive support for their day-to-day living needs. This support encompasses a wide range of essential skills, from budgeting to maintaining physical health. Customers also receive guidance on engaging with employment and welfare services. Our teams assist with making appointments, connecting with healthcare providers, and facilitating access to local drug and alcohol support services. This comprehensive approach equips customers with the practical skills for independent living.

Additionally, as customers progress and their support needs decrease, they are referred to step-down housing. Here, they are made aware that this is a transitional placement, a steppingstone toward full independence. Step-down customers work with resettlement workers who assess their unique moving pathways.

The journey from step-down housing opens up various move-on pathways, each tailored to individual circumstances:

Fast Track:

For customers over the age of 50 or those working 16 hours or more per week, fast-track housing offers expedited placement. Customers who follow this route will be housed in either a council or housing association property in their local borough. Documentation such as pay slips and employment letters are crucial in this process.

Clearing House:

Customers who have experienced rough sleeping and possess a “chain number” or who have spent time sofa surfing are eligible for clearing house applications. This option allows for placement anywhere within the London borough, providing flexibility in choosing a suitable location.

Side-Way Transition:

Some customers, while not yet fully independent, may move to providers offering 9-to-5 support. This option is ideal for those who still require assistance but are ready for a less intensive support structure.

Forward Trust:

A new government-funded initiative aims to support individuals with probation officers or those recently released from prison. It offers a fresh start and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Private Accommodation:

Encouraging customers to explore private accommodation through platforms like Zoopla and Prime Locations is another option. Our resettlement workers assist with the application process and helps individuals take the first steps towards independence.

Each of these move-on pathways provides a unique opportunity for individuals to transition from temporary accommodation to more permanent living situations. The goal is not just to find a place to stay but to empower individuals to regain control over their lives, ultimately leading to independence.

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