REACH Network celebrating their first anniversairy


The Impact of our Inclusion Networks

In recent years, Evolve has launched several inclusion networks. These networks aim to build community, encourage connections, and provide a safe space for colleagues to discuss personal experiences. This year’s theme for Inclusion Week is ‘take action, make an impact,’ and our Evolve inclusion networks embody this theme.

We currently have five active inclusion networks:

  • Mental Health Network
  • Disability and Neurodiversity Network
  • LGBTQIA+ Network
  • REACH – Race Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage
  • Women’s Opportunity Network

The Mental Health Network meets fortnightly on Zoom, providing a supportive environment to discuss emotional well-being and various important topics. These hour-long sessions leave everyone feeling supported and empowered regarding their mental health.

The REACH network has played a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s approach to race equality. Recently, they celebrated their one-year anniversary with a joyous celebration featuring delicious food and engaging games.

Channa, a member of our REACH network, believes that inclusion means “feeling a part of something, supporting each other, sharing experiences, and ideas in a safe space.”

Our Women’s Opportunities Network (WON) took proactive steps by organising an event dedicated to welcoming women in our services. It offered pampering, arts and crafts, and workshops focused on promoting positive mental health and well-being.

Naomi, a participant in WON, Mental Health Network, and the Disability and Neurodiversity Network, highlights the value these networks bring:

“They have given me the opportunity to get to know colleagues from across services and departments better. They have helped me broaden my understanding of how these issues and considerations affect us differently at work. I feel encouraged to question my assumptions and hopefully become more conscious of barriers for colleagues and customers, in a way that gives a more nuanced understanding of how progress is both made and hindered. ”

For Kate, these networks epitomise a sense of belonging:

“These networks have made me feel even more like part of a team and brings together colleagues who you might not necessarily have had much contact with, creating partnerships and friendships. They create places of support and inclusion amongst colleagues.”

Evolve’s inclusion networks have evolved into more than just support systems; they’ve become integral to our organisational culture. They bring colleagues from various departments and services together, fostering partnerships, friendships, and a deeper understanding of the unique challenges we face. Inclusion, to us, means being part of something greater, supporting one another, sharing experiences, and generating ideas within a safe and supportive space. These networks have expanded our perspectives and strengthened our sense of community within Evolve. Together, we are taking action, making a real impact, and building a workplace where everyone can thrive.






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