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Lambeth services announcement

Over the past few months, we have been reshaping and expanding the services offered at our Stockwell site in the London Borough of Lambeth. Now, with a new customer base and a full staff team, the site is fully operational and making a positive impact on the lives of those we support.

We have been delivering services in Stockwell for over fifty years, with a particular focus on young people impacted by homelessness including young mothers. Now, the site supports an even wider range of individuals and families across three buildings. Let’s take a closer look at the services we offer:

Georgian Houses supports young parents and families aged 16-25. The service offers accommodation and 24/7 assistance to mothers and their young children. Each family has their own self-contained flat with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. We understand the unique challenges that young parents face and are there to help as they navigate this important journey.

Olive House is a seven-bed service dedicated to young unaccompanied asylum seekers. Our customers have their own private rooms and access to 24/7 support. Whether they have been granted leave to remain in the UK or are awaiting a decision on their asylum applications, Olive House offers a secure and supportive environment for individuals to regain stability and thrive.

King George’s House is currently supporting and providing assistance to female refugees and asylum seekers who have either been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, or are awaiting outcome of their decision. We work closely with both Lambeth Council Refugee services and local supports to provide support and help them move into permanent accommodation.

In everything we do across these services we are committed to empowering our customers and ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to flourish. Our aim for everybody is that they move on from Evolve into happy independent lives, and our team at Stockwell is passionate about doing everything they can to make that happen.

If you are interested in learning more about our work in Stockwell and the people we are supporting, click here.


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