New impact figures show how services like Emily House (pictured) are working.


How our latest impact figures show that our approach is working

At Evolve Housing + Support we are immensely proud of the work we do to support our customers on their journey to independence. To ensure that our work is as effective as possible, we monitor our impact in a range of ways. One of those ways is monitoring forms, filled out by staff in collaboration with customers. We are very pleased to share some of the results from these forms here.

From April 2022 to March 2023, 267 of our customers successfully transitioned to independence. This shows that what we are doing – addressing mental health needs, building essential life skills, creating opportunities and empowering individuals to lead independent lives – is working. However, by looking a bit deeper, the numbers tell us even more.

In the past year, 90.4% of Evolve customers who sought assistance in maximising their income successfully achieved their goal before leaving us. We achieved this in a number of ways. Taking a person-centric focus, we provide tailored guidance that identifies specific benefits, subsidies, or tax credits that suit each customer’s circumstances. Our hands-on approach extends to helping customers complete and submit applications for relevant financial aid programmes, and where necessary, we advocate on their behalf when dealing with government agencies and organisations, ensuring they receive the maximum entitlements. To empower long-term financial independence, we offer financial literacy and budgeting workshops.

Of customers interested in getting into education or training, 78.7% were successfully supported to do so, with 10.2% of those achieving a qualification before moving out. Our Work and Learning team play a pivotal role in this, collaborating closely with customers to create personalised education or training plans; these connect them to suitable programmes and courses that align with their aspirations. The team provide unwavering emotional support, addressing any concerns or anxieties that customers may have about returning to education or training. They also provide information about flexible learning opportunities like online courses and part-time programmes to suit different schedules and needs.

86.3% of customers who needed to improve their physical health last year report being successfully supported to do so. We do this in many ways, including ensuring that they have access to healthcare services like check-ups and screenings, and prompt medical treatment when required. To empower informed choices, we hold workshops on various health topics, enabling our customers to take charge of their own well-being. We also support them in adopting sustainable lifestyle changes, whether it is quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol, or managing chronic conditions. Furthermore, we connect people to community resources like clinics and support groups.

80.8% of customers who wanted support to improve their mental health are managing their mental health better. Our Health and Wellbeing Team play a crucial role in this. Psychological Wellbeing Therapists deliver evidence-based therapy including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other approaches tailored to individual needs. Counsellors provide one-on-one counselling sessions, creating a safe space for customers to express their emotions and concerns. We lead workshops on various mental health topics, equipping customers with practical coping strategies and techniques to effectively manage their mental well-being. We also ensure that customers are connected to community resources including support groups and crisis hotlines, to increase their mental health support network.

Taken together, these figures help to demonstrate how much goes into preparing somebody for independent living. By continuously looking at how to improve them further, we will ensure that the most important number – how many people leave homelessness for good – keeps rising too.

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