The Big Give 2022 is coming

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we  are taking part in the Big Give 2022 Christmas Challenge for the second year!

The Big Give is the UK’s largest match funding campaign, offering people the chance to donate to their favorite charities and, through the power of matched giving, have their donations doubled. That’s right: one donation, twice the impact.

Our Big Give 2022 campaign is raising money for an innovative programme of work, called Economic and Social Proscribing (or ESP). The programme combines psychological wellbeing provision with work and learning support to give people the best possible chance of finding work and moving into independent living beyond Evolve.

ESP reflects the fact that personal development, mental wellbeing and employment are closely connected. To move on from homelessness people must find new homes and meaningful work, but that itself may require psychological support or other forms of assistance before it is possible. Our ESP programme mirrors this complexity, adapting to every person’s unique circumstances and working with them ‘where they are at’ to produce the best possible outcomes.

Rising living costs, ongoing economic uncertainty and a continued housing crisis have raised the threat of homelessness for more people across London this year. These same factors have also made it more difficult for people impacted by homelessness to move on. Our ESP programme responds to this by providing the right support, getting those who have been homeless back into independent lives. You can read more about how it works here. 

But we can only run this programme if we have the resources to do so. That is where the Big Give – and our wonderful community of supporters and partners – comes in.

For one week starting at 12 noon on Tuesday 29th November, our Big Give campaign will be open for donations. In that time we aim to raise £15,000, with £9000 of allocated match funding meaning that this would take us up to our total target of £24,000. This money will cover running costs our programme for the next year, helping people across London overcome their own personal barriers to independence and build on their unique skills and aspirations.

We look forward to sharing much more about the campaign as we move through November, and working with everybody to raise the money that will help us light the way out of homelessness for people across the capital.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon!

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