Evolve calls for a funding uplift to support homelessness services in London.


Evolve calls for a funding uplift for the homelessness sector

While the political drama has continued in Westminster, inflation and the resulting cost-of-living crisis have continued to pose a serious challenge for both households and companies. The homelessness sector is seriously threatened by these developments, and as such we have joined others in calling for meaningful government action to ensure that organisations like ours can continue our work.

We have written to MPs whose constituencies we work in, asking them to write to the Chancellor on our behalf, outlining the need for further funding for the homelessness sector in the coming Medium-Term Fiscal Statement on November 23rd or earlier.

Evolve Housing + Support works with people who have been homeless across London, and therefore operates in a number of different constituencies. Over 1,000 people stay at our housing services each year, where we provide tailored support to help them move on to independent lives. Like many others in our sector, we are increasingly concerned about the impact of rising costs on our own organisation, at a time when homelessness poses a bigger threat than ever to many people.

Our CEO Jeremy Gray said the following:

“While the Government’s decision to cap energy bills will help, we are still dealing with a range of inflated costs that are not being covered by increases in housing benefit or grants from local councils. This limits our ability to help people move on from homelessness, meaning the numbers of people who are homeless may increase.”

We know that this is an issue of the highest importance to many MPs, and that they will be as concerned as we are about how economic circumstances may hamper responses to homelessness across London. That is why we have written to several of them, calling on them to help ensure that the resources we need to continue are provided.

We request that they write to The Treasury, outlining the urgent need for a funding uplift for commissioned homelessness services in the upcoming budget. In addition, we will aim to meet with MPs in our localities to discuss the issues we are seeing. We will explore with them how we can ensure that the homelessness sector has the resources to continue supporting people over the coming months.


If you are concerned about this issue and would like to write to your own MP asking for action, you can download a template letter here to help. This can tailored to reflect your location, your own views and those of your MP.

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