People hit hardest by the cost of living crisis need extra support, and they need it soon.


We support calls for an immediate government response to the cost-of-living crisis

This week, the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) released a statement calling for immediate financial support for those most impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.

We stand with thousands of non-profit organisations around the country in supporting this statement, and urge the government to take immediate measures to assist those hit hardest by rising prices and bills.

We echo calls for the delivery of immediate financial support to individuals who are on low incomes and receiving benefits. Many face the very real prospect of homelessness this winter, and support could be provided through the benefits systems already in place.

Furthermore, the government must provide targeted financial support for those charities and voluntary organisations that are on the frontline of supporting people through this crisis. We must be included in any plans to support businesses and organisations; we are experiencing the same increases in cost, at a time when income and donations are declining. In addition, widening gaps in public services are actually increasing the need for our services.

To quote ACEVO:

“People in this country are facing an economic crisis of a magnitude not experienced for decades.  Many who have until now been able to make ends meet will be pushed into poverty, and those who are already struggling will be pushed into desperation. Just as in the pandemic, this crisis will affect all of us to some degree but it will hit hardest those who are already most disadvantaged.

Across the board charity and voluntary sector leaders are deeply worried about the level of need they are seeing in communities and their ability to keep providing essential support to respond to this crisis.

Stepping up in a crisis to support communities is what charities and voluntary organisations do best – we saw this during the pandemic. Yet charities have already drawn on their reserves, they have already become as lean and agile as they can possibly be, and they have not had the chance to recover. Many charities and voluntary organisations have little or nothing left to see them through.”

Concerted action is needed, and quickly. This is going to be a difficult winter for everybody, but for those who were already in trouble it could be significantly worse. If we see rises in homelessness then we will do everything we can to support people impacted, but it is vital that more support is made available to those who need it most.

You can read ACEVO’s statement in full here.

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