We have multiple approaches to measuring success in order to assess how well we are supporting customers.


Measuring success at Evolve

When you work with over 1000 people living in multiple buildings across different parts of London, how do you tell if what you’re doing is working?

Well, we have our ways.

Like every organisation, we have all sorts of KPIs and targets for our work. Every day, we process a range of data from both our customers and staff to assess how we are measuring up to these, and what we can do to improve. From how safe people feel to the quality of the buildings, we collect lots of information about how we are doing. Here are some of the key ways that we keep our finger on the pulse.

Support plans:

Everyone who stays at Evolve has a support plan to record their aspirations and track their goals. Referenced every time someone meets their keyworker, these documents are kept private, but mean that someone always knows how a customer is doing. Keyworkers will normally discuss with customers what they want achieve and do next, and support plans help to track this.

Outcome forms:

Completed by staff as customers leave Evolve, Outcome forms record the support that customers were given and how effectively it helped them meet their goals. Information from these forms – which are anonymized – is collated and processed by our information team. That allows us to see how successfully we are meeting our customers’ needs across the whole organisation.

Customer survey:

Our customer survey is carried out once a year. It is made accessible to every person staying at our services across London and asks them for feedback on a range of topics. These include the support they are receiving, the quality of accommodation, how safe they feel, and more. Customers have four weeks to complete it (either online or on paper), and in that time we do lots of work to make people aware that it’s happening and encourage participation.

Once the results are in, our quality team analyzes the results to pull out common trends and recurring feedback. This is accompanied by subsequent consultation with customers to get more information if needed, better understand the themes that have come up, and find ways to address the issues raised.

Service audit:

Service audits are evaluations of our services, carried out by staff in collaboration with customers. Compared to the customer survey, they measure more specific issues at services rather than overall impressions; for example, the quality of activities, accessibility and so on. Parts of audits are carried out by staff, others by customers who volunteer their time. The results are fed back to our quality team and analyzed. They are then shared, along with recommendations based on what was good and what could be improved.

All of these methods are designed to give us the most thorough knowledge of how well we are meeting the needs of customers. They allow us to spot trends over time, like the kinds of support people are requesting and the types of things they want us to change. They allow us to make sure that we continue to be there in whatever way we are needed. Ultimately, they allow us to help people move onto new, independent lives for good.

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