We are launching a new campaign to capture and excite job seekers from the hospitality, retail, travel and leisure industry.


Homelessness charity appeals to hospitality sector to train as key workers #FindYourNewCareer

Evolve Housing + Support is a leading homelessness charity in London, providing housing and support to over 1,300 people each year. The charity has recently launched a recruitment campaign to provide an alternative career as a key worker to those that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 

Evolve Housing + Support is launching a new campaign to capture and excite job seekers from the hospitality, retail, travel and leisure industry.

As the impacts of coronavirus continue to personally effect those in across the industry and the demand for vital homelessness support increases, we are offering people the opportunity to step outside of their sector and into a new career.

The lockdowns and restrictions caused by Covid-19 have hit these industries hard and the effects are likely to worsen as the economy continues to suffer. The hospitality sector in particular, which is the third-largest sector for employment in the UK, has seen shock disruption with revenue falling to 40% compared with last year. Young people have been hardest hit with the ONS reporting the jobless rate for under-25s at 14.6%.

In response to the unemployment crisis, Evolve is offering a considerable number of support worker roles across its services in London to unemployed workers from these industries. The roles include a comprehensive one month training package that promises to build on the transferable set of skills held by workers in each sector.

The role will build on customer care, health and safety, flexibility, adaptability and other skills to assist homeless individuals who are unable to live independently by offering them the practical and emotional support they need to re-gain their independence. There also exists the exciting opportunity from recruits to pass on skills to our homeless residents through workshops or classes organised by the team. We encourage all of our colleagues to find creative and inspiring ways to engage with our homeless residents and teach them new skills that might help them on their journey to independence. In the past this has included cooking, interview, dance and music workshops.

We believe in empowering others, embracing diversity and promoting ambition. There is a wealth of opportunity as a support worker to learn and progress within an environment that shares a surprising amount of familiarity with the hospitality, retail, travel and leisure industry.

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Evolve Director of People and Culture, Elspeth Hayde said:

“We are excited to be recruiting a range of new support workers who might not have considered it to be a career before the pandemic.

“So many of the skills picked up in the hospitality, retail, travel and leisure industry can so easily be transferred to the support worker sector. The ability to think on your feet, work hard to provide someone with a better experience and the knowledge someone brings to health and safety in the workplace all fit with the support worker profile.

“It is also an incredibly rewarding career path that provides people not only with a sustainable income, but also a feeling that they’re making a difference to people who really need support, now more than ever.”

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