Blog: “I wear my Black history like a badge of honor”

We asked our residents and colleagues what Black History Month meant to them. Read on to learn more about the personal importance of this incredible month of reflection. 

Words by Evolve colleague Peter McCarthy

Black History Month (BHM) is usually a time of remembrance and reflection for me. I remember throughout my teenage and adolescent years that there weren’t many Black role models in the mainstream media that I could look up too. The general education system I’d been through had really only taught me that black people were all descendants of slaves and had made no real contributions in general society.

I therefore had to do my own research to develop my own sense of cultural pride, worth and knowledge. Discovering along the way the rich history of contributions to the worldwide advancement that people of colour have always had throughout the development of human civilisation. From Atlantis to Egypt to the Olmecs to the Moors.  I discovered that many of the early so called medical, technological and social achievements in society that were attributed to white scholars were actually discoveries from Black men and women, denied their renown only for the colour of their skin.

I reflect on the power of my Blackness, the greatness of my ethnicity, the strength and endurance of my race throughout the years. The DNA inside my body and the direct connection that gives me to my ancestors. I reflect on the knowledge that all the glories and wonders of those that came before me now lives in me.

What BHM really means to me is a month for Black people to generally remember who we are and for those who don’t know, to get a window into the history and achievements of Black people throughout the ages up until today.

Personally, I wear my Black history like a badge of honour. I never take it off and wear it all year around. Not just for a month.

Words by Evolve colleague Peter McCarthy

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