Blog: “Black people were once in chains. We are now judges, doctors, actors…”

We asked our residents and colleagues what Black History Month meant to them. Read on to learn more about the personal importance of this incredible month of reflection. 

Words by Evolve resident Tyrell

To me Black History Month resembles a moment of appreciation for the excellence and culture that Black individuals have brought forth into our reality. Dreams and change is hard enough to manifest as it is, especially when you are Black.

Being Black in our society, irrespective of the year or the generation, has always brought about social disadvantages, either conscious or unconscious. i.e. discrimination, racism and stereotyping.

Black History Month is the time that we reflect. Looking back, it’s amazing to see past generations who despite the many social disadvantages mentioned, still impacted humanity and created change. They saw excellence, equality and change, before it was here, and used blind faith to fight what seemed to be a battle that we were destined to lose.

Black people were once in chains. We are now judges, doctors, actors, musicians, architects, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, shop owners, fashion designers, policy makers…

We are now in positions to create greater change. Something that was only made possible because of shared our Black history.

To me Black History Month is an empowerment tool, intended for the Black community to be used as a form of inspiration and revelation covering all the greatness that we have achieved in our past. It showcases to future generations their limitless capabilities and all that we are capable of irrespective of the barriers that we face.

Words by Evolve resident Tyrell

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