Thank you for your support

Coronavirus has changed things. It’s changed the way we raise money. It’s changed how we support homeless people and it’s changed how you support us.

It’s even changed the way we communicate with you, our supporters.

It’s meant not being able thank you in person, shake your hand, cheer you on at the finishing line, introduce you to the people you’ve helped or be there to celebrate your fundraiser or donation.

But despite all the barriers, you’ve gone above and beyond to support our work to keep the homeless people we support, safe.

We’ve seen individuals, communities, local authorities and religious groups come together. You’ve donated, fundraised, shared our messages, dropped off food, made us PPE and so much more.

We can’t begin to thank you enough /and we certainly can’t convey the difference YOU have made to the homeless people we support!

Thank you, for coming together as supporters and as a community.

Since the start of lockdown we knew we had barriers to overcome. /

700 homeless people rely on us to keep them safe and supported, and help them along their journey to independence.

As a charity we have always run on tight budgets and although we had access to some emergency funds, we were not prepared for the true costs of coronavirus.

At the beginning of the pandemic we were spending around £41,000 a fortnight on additional staff sickness and cover. That’s £41k a fortnight above what we had budgeted to afford.

But, thanks to you, /our supporters, we are now only £20,000 under budget for the year.

Thanks to you, 700 vulnerable people are still safe and being supported.

Your dedication, action and commitment has allowed us to continue changing lives in the most difficult of situations and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Stay safe. Thank you.

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