Our response to Black Lives Matter

We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and openly oppose the widespread racial injustice faced by the Black community. We furthermore recognise that the issue of racism, surrounding the murder of George Floyd and others like him, is not simply specific to the US. The systemic racism faced by Black people in the UK is our collective responsibility to change and it is vital that we work to understand and acknowledge this to create a more equal future, both for our colleagues and customers.

We pledge to:

  • Continue to support Black people to identify and fight discrimination in the workplace.
  • Actively ensure we amplify the voices of our Black colleagues and customers to dismantle and educate on inequality.
  • Create a more equal and diverse environment to ensure people feel they can freely speak to management about diversity and inclusion.
  • Meet regularly with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group to review our decisions and make certain we are doing what’s necessary to put an end to divisions and disadvantage for our Black colleagues.

The fight for equality, diversity and inclusion starts with honest conversations and we will be speaking to our customers individually regarding how they feel about the Black Lives Matter movement.

We have a long way to go as an organisation, but we are holding ourselves accountable and we will keep this at the top of our agenda. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to stand up to racism and help tackle every form of prejudice. The time for change is now and we will be working with colleagues and customers to take more progressive steps forward and put an end to racism.

Black Lives Matter.

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