Evolve responds to CARE badges for key workers

In one of the latest government announcements, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock has revealed that they will be issuing a ‘badge of honour’ for all care and support workers. Evolve Housing + Support welcomes the initiative but is calling on the Government to increase funding for front line support workers to a level that “fairly recognises the incredible work they carry out every day.”

Evolve believes the CARE badge is a positive step in the right direction that will make it easier for other businesses and organisations to identify those who work in social care and to make available to them the type of benefits that many already offer to NHS staff.

The housing association and charity is also praising the Government for reaching out to supermarket chains to request that all support and care workers now receive access to priority hours and supplies to feed the people they Support.

Key workers on the front line of Evolve’s homelessness services have struggled in the past to source enough food to feed their most vulnerable residents. Many support workers have reported being unable to buy large quantities of food to feed vulnerable residents at their services because of shopping restrictions. This move should go a long way to recognising the people keeping Evolve’s homeless residents fed, safe and supported.


Evolve Housing + Support CEO Jeremy Gray said:

“I am proud to the see that the Government is recognising the vital role our key workers play in supporting the most vulnerable of our society through this sustained crisis.

“Keeping our homeless residents safe and supported is our number one priority. This step forward will help break down the barriers that prevented our staff from accessing food for our large number of homeless residents.

“But key workers need more than just a badge that allows them to carry out their duties in a crisis. Key workers need better pay that fairly recognises the incredible work they carry out every day.

“For the past 10 years, our support contract values have failed to keep pace with inflation. As a result we’ve struggled to offer the pay our amazing staff deserve. That is why we are calling on the Government to help us by increasing their grants to Local Authorities in order that, they in turn, can increase our funding. This is the first step to improving the pay for support workers to a level that reflects their dedication and valuable work.”

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