Evolve launches emergency appeal for homeless people amid Covid-19 outbreak

Evolve Housing + Support has issued an emergency appeal calling on members of the public to support the homeless people in its services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many homeless people in accommodation have mental and physical health issues and are among the highest at risk groups from Coronavirus. Many also do not have family or friends to support them through their period of self-isolation.

Homeless Link, a national membership charity of which Evolve Housing + Support is a part of, reported that 73% of homeless people have described that they have had physical health problems, with 41% stating this was a long term problem. A further 35% have been to A&E and 26% have been admitted to hospital over the past six months, indicating their vulnerability

Evolve is calling for donations that will help support the most vulnerable people in our society.

Evolve Chief Executive Jeremy Gray said:

“We are taking every precaution to protect our staff and the homeless people we support. That is our number one priority.

Being homeless during such testing times carries with it anxiety, uncertainty and worst of all, a greater vulnerability for the people in our services. We are working diligently across the organisation to ensure that no one loses the help and resources they need, and that we can continue to run these crucial services.

“Our work is an essential service for vulnerable people, much like the emergency services currently under strain. We urgently need extra, emergency funding to be able to do this, and are calling on the Government and Local Authorities to make this sure is made available immediately.”

Additional funds will be used to cover;

  • Basic food supplies
  • Additional hygiene products
  • Medicine
  • Technology to support those who are having to self-isolate and don’t have a phone/ computer/tv
  • Entertainment for those who have to self-isolate and don’t have data/tv
  • Additional costs of temporary staff cover so we can still provide vital support to those in our accommodation

A priority will be placed on keeping the homeless people in Evolve’s services and the staff that support them day in and day out, safe and supported.


Evolve Housing + Support is a leading homelessness charity in London, providing housing and support to over 2,000 people each year. Evolve offers support tailored to meet people’s individual needs, including housing, employment and skills training, mentoring and counselling. The organisation has reacted to the Coronavirus outbreak.   

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