Evolve’s Certificate of Entrepreneurship graduation day!

Following eight sessions totalling 24 hours over three weeks, we’re proud to announce that 14 students have successfully graduated Evolve’s Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

Listening to the people living in our services, we recognised the need for business development education for people interested in self-employment. That’s why three years ago, we launched the course to educate people on how to start their own business.

Over a month, speakers met with course participants to share their step by step guides to starting out. The aim of the course was to introduce them to the core concepts and skills that every entrepreneur needs. Speakers included:

Apprentice runner-up and Be Group CEO, Bianca Miller-Cole

Supportal Services Founder and Director, Chloe Jessamy

Monzo Community Manager, Naji Esiri

Centrale Retail Business Manager, Jonathan Davies

Beam Support Specialist, Kathi Hanifnia

Mula Cake Founder and CEO, Dexter Simms

Towards the end of the course the students were given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas which included app development, Etsy product sales and a local news business. After completing the course, graduates were awarded their certificate by Evolve’s Chief Executive Jeremy Gray and were given the choice between a new laptop or smartphone to help them begin their path to entrepreneurship.

We wish a special thank you to everyone who spoke at the course and to those that put in the time and effort to learn and grow. Congratulations graduates!



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