Ade at the hotel school


Hotel School helps young people to work towards their dreams

Ade was asked to leave his family home in East London, where they were housed temporarily in a B&B in the borough. Ade moved into supported housing, but unfortunately ended up in prison, before going back into supported housing in Bethnal Green. He was eventually evicted and street homeless for around 9 months, sleeping at train stations and parks before his friend allowed him to stay on his sofa. He was on probation whilst homeless, often unable to attend appointments and facing being recalled to prison. His probation officer supported him back into supported housing in Croydon, and he moved into the Fitze Millennium Centre where he has been living since May 2018.

Ade is very positive about his experiences with Evolve and says ‘they have helped me a lot by supporting me to manage my tenancy and as an individual with specific issues. If I was in another hostel they may have asked me to leave due to my anger issues, but Evolve have taken their time to get to know me as an individual, and support me in areas I need. My support worker Will is great! He is an inspiration and a real motivation for me. Will motivates me to want better for myself and he is incredibly reliable. When Will says he is going to call, he will call and always checks up on me to make sure I am doing alright. I really respect Will, He is a good man.’

Ade is now on attending Hotel School, a joint venture between The Passage and The Goring Hotel, which teaches hospitality skills to homeless and vulnerable people, matches them to sustainable employment, and supports them in their first steps into work. Ade says: ‘I wanted to enrol on this course as I want to better my life. I have often shown interest in courses but never followed through with actions. This course is a chance to show people that I’m capable of doing what is necessary. I’m expecting my first child at the end of this month and need to start taking actions in the right direction.

‘I’m enjoying every aspect of this course, and learning all aspects of the hospitality industry. I love learning about being front of house, housekeeping, hosting and the kitchen area. It’s really exciting! The course has opened my eyes and taught me that there are different avenues I may want to explore in the industry other than working in the kitchen. The staff on the course keep me engaged and are very nice! The whole concept of the course is amazing for me, they have a lot of connections and we met Prince William – He served us dinner.’

Ade’s dream is to own his own restaurant. He is working towards getting his chef qualifications and some work experience. He says: ‘I want to visit lots of restaurants to ensure I have the best knowledge. I’d name my restaurant after my Mum, as she is the woman who gave me life and has always believed I can achieve what I set my heart to. Once I achieve it I want to dedicate it to her. I want to be able to invite the whole world over to eat at Aisha’s!’ (Ades mothers name is Aisha)

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