Referral forms should include Covid-19 as a reason for homelessness.


Winter: Emergency Shelters List

What you can do to help homeless people in London

As the temperature drops this winter we are asking people to remember those sleeping rough on the streets. When temperatures go below freezing the risk of mortality for those sleeping on the street increases sharply.

If you see someone sleeping rough please help them find shelter this Christmas.

A range of Winter Shelters operate in London each winter. Some open just for a week over Christmas, others are open for several months. A lot of the shelters listed are organised by local church or faith-based groups and operate in a different church hall or community space each night on a rota basis. The shelters are usually staffed by volunteers, offer basic accommodation in communal sleeping areas and provide breakfast and an evening meal. Getting into a winter shelter is usually done on a referral basis and often coordinated by one local organisation.

Find out where you can refer a homeless person to an Emergency Shelter this winter:

Homeless Winter Shelter List 2018-2019

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