Ways to help people in a heat wave.


Evolve Calls On Public To Help Homeless In Heat Wave

How to Help London’s Homeless When Temperatures Soar

The UK could see the highest temperatures in three years this week, and the Met Office has warned of ‘dangerous’ heat wave as pavements melt. As temperatures soar, homelessness charity Evolve Housing + Support is calling on the public to help people sleeping rough in London who could be battling severe dehydration, sunstroke, and sunburn in the days and weeks ahead.

Evolve has produced a list of tips for how people can help rough sleepers and save lives, by donating the following items either directly to individuals or to shelters:

› Sun cream to help prevent skin damage.
› A bottle of water and food for hydration.
› Hats and sunglasses to prevent sunstroke and avoid risk of eye damage.
› Hand-held fans to lower body temperature and prevent heatstroke.
› Baby wipes to help with sanitation and avoiding athlete’s foot.

Evolve is also calling on members of the public who see homeless people struggling with the heat to direct them to StreetLink (www.streetlink.org.uk), who can then connect them to local authorities for support.

Debra Ives, Director of Operations at Evolve Housing + Support, says:

“People tend to remember the homeless in the freezing winter months, but high temperatures can be even more dangerous for them. People sleeping rough are exceptionally vulnerable in the summer months, when long days and direct sun can make life unbearable and become a risk to life.”

“A lot of people sleeping rough don’t have the basic items needed to survive on the streets in hot temperatures. As a result, we’re calling on the public to donate things like sun cream, water, and sun hats, to help those at risk in the coming months. People can either offer them directly, or donate them to a shelter or charity.”

For more information on Evolve’s services and to donate visit www.evolvehousing.org.uk.

To refer a rough sleeper to StreetLink, a website which allows members of the public to alert local authorities to people sleeping rough in the area, please visit www.streetlink.org.uk

For more information or to interview an Evolve spokesperson contact Kate Beard or Eleanor Wilson at Amazon PR: Eleanor@amazonpr.co.uk or call 020 7700 6952.

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