We support young parents to achieve their full potential.


Young parents reaching their full potential

We support young parents to achieve their full potential in a range of different ways. Learn more about our services for homeless families, based across south London.

Like many of the young people we work with, Esther, 20, became homeless at a young age due to her relationship with her family breaking down. Esther came to King George’s House in July 2016 and moved to our Teenage Parents’ Service in Stockwell in February 2017. With the support of our staff, she was able to overcome personal hurdles and think positively about her future.

‘When I found out I was pregnant I was so thankful to the staff. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that I felt supported, safe and positive about my future.’

Esther has been involved in a range of opportunities available at our services. She became a Customer Champion, where she represented the views of customers living at the service. She has also sat on interview panels for prospective staff, which is a vital part of our staff recruitment process, and has encouraged other customers to find work and attend classes and courses.

‘I want to be the best mum that I can be for my son. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I have had here and I am excited about what the future holds.’

Esther is a trained pilot and has ambitious plans for her future, including going to university where she would like to study Aircraft Engineering.

‘Living here has been a stepping stone for me. Staff have empowered me to follow my aspirations, and I now feel prepared for independent living.’

And, she is not alone, lots of others are moving on from homelessness and building new lives for themselves every day.

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