Our new Support Plan launch

This September saw the launch of our new Support Plan model, which has resulted in a great new way of working for the organisation.

Earlier this year, we formed a working group of both staff and customers to review our existing support model. Although customers were happy with the support they received, they identified areas for improvements. These included focusing on a more asset-based approach to working, identified through four key areas:

  • Wellbeing –     Our customers’ happiness, health and comfortableness in their own skin.
  • Living –             How safe and comfortable our customers’ feel and the importance of looking after where they live.
  • Community-    Our customers’ connection with other people where they live, giving back, getting involved, and supporting their peers.
  • Aspirations –   Our customers’ positivity in their present situation as well as their hopes and dreams, career and purpose for the future.

The working group created a pilot for the new support plan model and worked together to devise training for staff on how to deliver this new approach. Customers were consulted and involved at every stage. Over 60 staff and customers were in rolling out the new support model- and over 50% were customers.

From now onwards, customers can expect that the support plan they create with their support worker to be simpler and more accessible. They can expect to have a larger amount of focus on what their aspirations are, what they are good at and what their strengths are and to have a stronger connection to their service and wider community. The new process has also been designed to take up less time so that there is more time for additional support in areas that are of importance to our customers. Overall, we are hoping this will result in better outcomes for our customers, a smoother way of working and a closer alignment to our vision and values as an organisation.

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