CR Zero 2020 Connections Week 2.0

Over a fortnight, we recruited over 70 amazing volunteers to help with Connections Week 2.0 for our CR Zero 2020 campaign.

Our volunteers included concerned local citizens, faith-based groups, volunteers who help at Crisis and staff from Evolve, Crisis Skylight, Expert Link and Croydon Council. We held Connections Week 2.0 from 13-20 August.

Volunteers battled the unpredictable weather of another British summer, and participated in either late night or early morning shifts to complete surveys with Croydon’s rough sleepers. Others carried out data entry for the completed surveys, which were then analysed to improve our understanding of chronic street homelessness in Croydon. Some volunteers also attended morning and evening sessions at drop-in centres and filled out surveys with the street population who regularly visit. The response from rough sleepers to these drop-in sessions has been overwhelming and a staggering amount of rough sleepers have completed the surveys during their visits.

We spoke to 130 people and completed 102 surveys, over double the amount completed last year.

Of the 102 people:

  • 48% reported a long-term physical health issue
  • 43% avoid getting help when sick
  • 43% said that their current period of homelessness had been caused by a relationship breakdown
  • 31% said that their homelessness had been caused by a traumatic experience
  • 42% report having no source of income
  • 28% said that they have harmed themselves in the last year

The information gathered is really powerful, and should be even more motivation for the Croydon community to come together and find new solutions for chronic rough sleepers.

The results of the data collection from Connections Week 2.0 was presented at a Community Presentation at Alexandra House on Thursday 24 August. Over 50 guests attended to find out more about Croydon’s street homelessness population and what they could do to help end chronic rough sleeping in the borough. It’s clear from the data that we need the help of the community even more than ever to end chronic rough sleeping. If you would like to help us change the system for the better, please sign up to be part of the community solutions group here.

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(Photo credit: Richard Lewisohn)

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