‘I have found a job that I am really passionate about.’

Remember Dan from last year’s Accuml8 story? His evolution from customer to volunteer to our new Digital Inclusion Coach is truly inspirational!

Read more about his journey:

‘Did you know that before I came to work for Evolve as a Digital Inclusion Coach I used to DJ for the Ministry of Sound? I’ve also edited tracks for radio and TV shows such as ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘This Morning.’ I spent 10 years working for large record companies, developing a career in post-production and IT management. I’ve even released a few records on vinyl and compilations!

A few years ago, I was made redundant from my job and had a breakdown where I ended up homeless and in hospital. I came to Evolve in 2015 but was still struggling to feel motivated. I then found out about a photography course run by Accumul8 via the Work + Learning team.

I’m so glad I went along, I’d always wanted to try photography. I’m a creative person and I left the session feeling excited and inspired. For the first time in years I felt like living again. I wanted to step out into the real world. Gradually, my confidence began to grow and with help from Evolve, I was able to move on to independent living. I was eager to give back, however, and so came back to volunteer with the Work + Learning team, helping them run IT workshops. Living at Evolve turned my life around, I benefited so much I realised I wanted to help other people. Some of them have had terrible backgrounds but because I’ve been in a similar situation they trust me. I then successfully applied to become their Digital Inclusion Coach.

I enjoy my job immensely; working with customers and seeing what they can achieve is incredibly rewarding. I facilitate a series of workshops from music production, IT classes and photography- basically anything digital! A large part of my role is utilising the talents of customers and encouraging them to volunteer to help run workshops. Peer mentoring is invaluable opportunity within Evolve, and there is a plethora of talent across all our services. I would definitely encourage customers to get involved- after all, volunteering is how I got my job!

I couldn’t recommend working or volunteering for Evolve strongly enough! Two years ago, I had no idea what my future goals were. I had been made redundant and couldn’t imaging going back into the music industry. When the IT volunteering position came up at Evolve, I just went for it! Since then, my prospects have flourished, and I have found a job that I am really passionate about.

Evolve has been amazing in terms of helping me pursue my ambitions. I would encourage anybody, whether they’re considering volunteering or a career working for a homelessness charity, to consider choosing Evolve as a possible path for their future.’


If you are interested in a career working with homeless people in London, please see our vacancies page.


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