Money mapping for a better future

Launched in April 2016, Evolve’s Money Mapping Programme focuses on supporting homeless young people in Lambeth to gain the skills needed to help lift them out of poverty.

Young people aged 16-25 are learning a range of key money management skills to help them in their journey towards independent living. This include budgeting, debt management, banking and looking in to the advertising techniques retailers use to encourage spending.

Funded by the Walcot Foundation, this is being delivered by our skilled Financial Inclusion Advisor, Nadine Hughes, through a range of workshops and one-to-one sessions. Customers are also given a tailored pack, designed by Nadine with information about the financial resources available nationwide, and in the local area.

“I think that the main challenge that Customers face is prior to coming to Evolve most of them have not actually had the opportunity to learn any money management skills to help them with their finances,” Nadine explains, “So I’m using the program to help empower them to prioritise what they need over what they want and so that they are able to pay their rent.”

Financial management is a significant obstacle for homeless young people in London who are trying to move on to independent living. We are very grateful to the Walcot Foundation for funding this work.

If you would like to work in the charity sector helping the homeless in London, please see our vacancies page. If you would like to fund a programme like the Money Mapping Programme, please see our donations page.

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