CR Zero 2020: The first Solutions Group meeting

On 6 October, the first solutions-based community group for CR Zero 2020 met at Croydon Community Space. The majority of the group were concerned Croydon citizens, with no affiliations to local homelessness charities, who were there because they wanted to eradicate chronic rough sleeping in Croydon by 2020.


The group came together and agreed that there were:

  1. committed to identifying the barriers that prevent people from coming off of the streets, and successfully staying off.
  2. committed to finding permanent solutions.
  3. committed to challenging ‘the system’ to make it work in ways that increase the chances of rough sleepers succeeding.
  4. committed to working with the individual components of the system to find alternatives ways of working.
  5. actively seeking to bring into the group’s membership any individual or organisation that can actively contribute to the campaign aims

After the survey results from Connections Week, the data revealed that out of all the major European cities where this campaign has been piloted, Croydon has the highest percentage of people in the 8+ category. This included the presence of tri-morbidity; when a person has mental and physical health needs as well as substance misuse.


It was agreed that in order to begin this process, the solutions group needed to understand what services and organisations constitute the homelessness ‘system’ before they could move on to looking in more detail why people live on the streets, and identify the roadblocks that prevent them from moving into accommodation.


This exercise identified that the people, and organisations who contribute to the support of an individual rough sleeper, and who could contribute to ending chronic rough sleeping, was much broader than the current members of the group. The group identified the need for private developers and local businesses to be part of the answer to chronic rough sleeping in Croydon, along with other housing, health and education providers.


Membership to the solutions based group is open to anyone who lives or works in Croydon and is dedicated to seeing and contributing to a solution to end chronic rough sleeping in Croydon.


To read more about how you can be involved in the CR Zero 2020 campaign or to join the solutions based group, click here.


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