Santander Community Day at Beacon House

A team of volunteers from Santander spent the day at Beacon House painting and a building a garden for customers to use in the recreational area.

The team gets involved in at least five community projects a year and came to Beacon House to visit our young people and help around the service.

Tom, who works as an Analyst for Santander, spoke on why he continues to volunteer:

‘I enjoy volunteering because it gives me a chance to do something worthwhile that will positively change people’s lives. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction to see the changes your work has made.’

After braving the elements including hail, Beacon House’s exterior sported a fresh coat of paint and the garden area was improved with new flower beds and pots thanks to our volunteers.

Simone, who works as a Relationship Manager, told us what volunteering means to her:

‘Socially there’s so much that needs to be done in terms of meeting the needs of underprivileged people. Sometimes we only want to do nice things for people we know or to expect something in return. Yet knowing that you’re making a real difference and that people will benefit from your time is a wonderful feeling. It’s also nice to work with your colleagues doing something completely different, it gives you a chance to share in a positive experience and get to know them outside of a work environment.’

If you would like to learn more about opportunities like this visit the volunteering page, or contact Lizzie Whitmore at volunteering@evolvehousing.org.uk.

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